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Don't Make Me Play That Banjo!

Why Are You Winking At Me?

Fans of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse
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Like peanut butter and jelly... like John Locke and explosive devices... Some things are just made to go together. Add to that list Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, executive producers of the television show Lost. They also co-host the Official Lost Podcast, frequently co-write episodes of the show, and all around exemplify what it means to be a dynamic duo.

This is a community for fans of their collaboration on Lost, of their weekly podcasts, or just of their goofy relationship. Posts can include but are not limited to: fanworks, such as icons or fanfiction; news that involves at least one of the guys, such as interviews or articles; and discussion of the podcasts.

1. Try and keep posts and discussions specific to Damon and Carlton. For more general Lost discussion, I would recommend lost_tv.

2. PLEASE be careful and courteous when it comes to spoilers. Not everyone has had a chance to see the latest episode, and not everyone is eager to read the latest exclusive tidbit you just heard about. Spoilers are allowed, but make sure that they are clearly marked, and ALWAYS use an lj-cut. Not sure how to cut your entry? Make everyone happy by following the instructions here.

3. Everyone is expected to be civil and respectful in their comments to one another. There's nothing wrong with some healthy debate, but please keep it friendly!

4. More of a guideline than a rule, really: this community was created for fun, and it would be nice to keep it that way. You may have noticed that there really aren't that many rules, and we don't want to have to spend all of our time cracking down on them. We can't really imagine how any drama could get started on this community -- and no, that isn't a challenge ;) That said, sometimes conflicts do arise. Please contact one of the mods, either snowystingray or bellichka, and let us know about the problem. We're here to help!

Q: What is RPF/RPS?
A: RPF stands for "real person fiction," which is exactly what it sounds like -- works of fiction involving real people as the characters. RPS stands for "real person slash" and is a more specific type of RPF. Slash refers to a romantic relationship between two people of the same gender. This is a slash-friendly community.

Q: What qualifies as a spoiler?
A: Anything that hasn't yet aired in an episode is always considered a spoiler. This often includes the speculation about future episodes that is included in the pre-hashing section of the podcasts and in many interviews with either Damon or Carlton. Even for information included in episodes that have already aired, it is usually best to err on the side of caution. Please keep in mind that many people watching Lost in other countries are several weeks behind in the latest episode.

Q: I'm missing a podcast that is no longer on ABC.com. Where can I find it?
A: Lostpedia.com has an archive of almost every single podcast.
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